Super Secret weight control Diet to stay slim Forever. Don’t tell Anyone

The Best Diet Foods

Are the Foods You Eat

When You’re Not Dieting!

Everybody’s looking for the best diet foods in order to lose weight, but that’s not good unless you lose the weight for good, so…

What’s the Ultimate diet foods, and what’s the best kind of diet to be on for Permanent weight loss?

There are food Secrets which will help you to lose weight without dieting, because…

If you ever want to lose weight permanently, the best piece of advice I can give you is…

Don’t diet – Ever!!!

Before you leave in disbelief, let me ask you “Just One Question”… How many people do you know, who went on a diet and actually… Kept It off The Reality is that “Every time you diet” you make your Problem much worse, because…

All dieting slows down Your Metabolism!

So instead of dieting, discover which foods to eat to Melt the Fat away.

We Reveal all the Secrets in our Low-Cost Dietless Slimming System.

OK, so let’s look at some diets…

Today, most Serious Scientific Research has proven that not only do diets not work as a long-term weight loss Solution, but also that the more drastic the diet, the more dangerous they are, and many deaths have been caused by drastic dieting, however…

Most deaths caused by dieting go unreported as the death certificates state that it was caused by “Obesity” or Heart Failure, Etc., therefore the general public are not very well informed as to the real dangers with diet foods.

Protein Supplement or Diet – How Does It Work?

low calorie foods
low calorie foods

First, let’s look at a low-calorie Diet

Most commercial weight loss clinics prescribe diet foods that amount to about 1200 to 1300 calories per day. The problem with consuming such a low-calorie diet is that you can’t get enough nutrition, to remain healthy with the quality of diet foods available in North America today, plus…

Your body compensates by slowing down your metabolism and adjusts to the lowered calorie intake on these diet foods, but the very worst can be…

The Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs, as some of these can put you on diet foods as low as 400 to 800 calories per day. Very-low-calorie diets “Starve People” and can have many severe side effects such as…

Fatigue, hair loss, anemia, depression, dehydration, irritability, gallstones, cardiac arrhythmias, and loss of muscle tissue, just to name a few, and since muscle tissue is responsible for burning about 98 percent of the fat burned by your body, that’s “Real Bad News”, not to mention that…

A Swedish Research Study Revealed that: about 59 sudden and unexplained “Deaths” per 100,000 population on very-low-calorie diets, is about 40 times the sudden death rate in the general population.

The bottom line is… The lower your calorie intake, the higher is your tendency to “Binge” when you follow off the Diet, and “Fall off” you WILL”Starve – Binge Cycle”, all the while slowing your metabolism and making your problem much worse.

Next, we’ll cover high protein and low carb diets together, because the whole idea of a high protein diet is to eliminate the carbohydrates and produce “Ketosis”.

Going on a low carb diet on the other hand, leaves you nothing but protein and fat to eat, so the results are identical to high-protein diet foods, and is definitely not the kind of diet foods that give you permanent results.

The dangers of “low carb – high protein” diets are well documented, and yet, low carb diets are more popular today than ever, so why is that?

There are two reasons, both bad for you.

  1. As long as you keep your body in a “carbohydrate – starved State”, this ketogenic state leads to a natural reduction in appetite, so you automatically eat less and now you also have a lowered calorie intake, and that’s “More Bad News”
  2. A Low Carb Diet probably gives you the “Best Illusion of Success”of any diet, so let’s look at the realities of what happens. First of all, the Scales lie to you, because your Goal should be “fat Loss” not weight loss. The first result of a true ketogenic Diet is a dramatic water loss, and secondly you can lose from 3 to 8 pounds of “Solid Waste” in the first week, but there is no significant loss of body fat.
The supplement business is a multi-billion dollar industry that is not currently regulated like conventional food and drug products by the Food and Drug Administration. The use of supplements is designed to add further nutritional value to the diet, not act as a meal replacement. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Airman 1st Class Daniel Brosam)

You can achieve the same result by taking a diuretic and a laxative, but you still have all your fat, and I don’t think that this is the kind of weight loss you had in mind! The “weight” loss will continue as long as you can endure the diet and its side effects, but it is accompanied by…

A Significant and Unacceptable Loss of “Lean Body Tissue”, and remember that the only way to rid yourself of fat that you already have, is to “Burn It Off” and about 98 % of it is burned by your muscles, so…

Going on these kinds of diet foods is the fastest way to lower your “Basal Metabolic Rate”, which means that when you go off these diet foods, you’ll regain faster than ever before, plus…

You’ll maintain a much higher (fat) weight than before the diet, therefore your problem keeps getting Bigger and Bigger, and the Pun was intended! because your body is starving for nutrients, therefore…

You set up a “Feast & Famine Mode” in your body, and you can never get enough, so you’re always hungry.

Low Fat Foods are the  Best Diet Foods

Of all the diet foods, low-fat foods are the most successful as long as you are “Not dieting”. The Secret here is to make gradual permanent changes in your normal diet by lowering your fat intake, and increasing your intake of complex carbohydrates This will automatically decrease your desire for the simple carbohydrates, which are a major problem for weight (fat) gain.

Then if you combine this with a regular “Fat Burning Exercise”, you will not only burn off some fat, but also rebuild your metabolism.

The problem here is that over 95% of all the exercises that people do to lose weight, actually burn off very little fat.

The Best Fat Burning Exercise, is one of the easiest in the world.

Discover a Path that can keep you Slim Forever!

Take the time to understand “The Realities”, and not only will it save you a lot of time in the long run, but also save you a lot of money, not to mention eliminating the stress and struggle of dieting. Why go through all that Frustration, when you Know you’ll gain it all back anyway!

Dietless Slimming
Is the Only Thing that WORKS

It’s not so much which diet foods you eat to lose weight, but more importantly is how you eat these diet foods.  These diet food Secrets are not being taught by weight loss clinics anywhere.

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